David Mikolajczyk

[David Mikolajczyk]

Dave Mikolajczyk currently works as a researcher for the Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center. Dave works on monthly quality control of data from the group’s Automatic Weather Station (AWS) network and helps with research various projects. He helps organize and lead field teams for the group’s AWS Program and has deployed for seven field seasons to the ice.

Dave earned his Bachelor of Science (2008) degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UW-Madison. Currently, he is a graduate student working towards his Master of Sciences degree in the same field with his science advisor Prof. Jonathan Martin. His research topic is focused on a case study analysis of a warming event in austral winter observed by the UW-Madison AWS network. This work, which he began initially with the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center, combines his research interests of using observational data in conjunction with reanalysis data to investigate weather phenomena at various spatial scales.

Dave has attended numerous conferences and workshops related to Antarctic meteorology and the broader meteorological, climatological, and instrumentation sciences. These include the annual Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate, the Polar American Meteorological Society conference, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research meeting. He has presented at several of these conferences on his research as well as the AWS Program field season updates. Additionally, Dave is a member of the American Meteorological Society.

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