Wilkes Station Meteorology Wilkes Station Meteorological/Weather Observations

Photograph Courtesy of Olav Loken
& The National Science Foundation

Station Location: 66.26oS 110.56oE 11.3 M (37 FT)

The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center in collaboration with the National Climate Data Center archives many forms of meteorological data from Wilkes Station available for use by the scientific community and the public, free of charge. Users of the data are asked only to acknowledge the AMRC project and the National Climate Data Center appropriately, for anything produced or published that uses the data.Much of the data is provided online - via ftp or web, but some data has yet to be added to the Web, so feel free to ask for other types of data not listed below. To request data or information from the project, please contact us at the AMRC.

Wilkes Station Layout 1958-59
Wilkes Station Layout

Real Time Observations Archived Observations & Climatology Documentation and Metadata

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    Documents courtesy of National Climate Data Center

    Document courtesy of National Climate Data Center