UW Automatic Weather Stations - 1994

Regions:Years: Adelie Coast
Stations (1994):

D-10 AWS

Former Name: Dumont D'Urville
Owner: UW/France UW/France
Site Code: D10
Initial Start Date: 1980-01-08
Info from Service Visit: 1991-01-01
Latitude: -66.7 S
Longitude: 139.83 E
Elevation: 267 meters
WMO ID: 89832


Station Records:
Max. Temp. (C) 11.9   2010-12-11
Min. Temp. (C) -42.3   1992-09-01
Max Wind (m/s) 41.8   2010-12-11
Max. Press. (mb) 997.8   1982-07-03
Min. Press. (mb) 892.2   2012-07-19

Notes: Station was named for the distance from the AWS site to the coast of Antarctica. D-10 AWS was formerly known as Dumont D'Urville.