Automatic Weather Stations - 2022

Regions:Years: Adelie Coast
Stations (2022):

D-47 AWS

Owner: UW/France UW/France
Site Code: D47
Initial Start Date: 1983-01-24
Info from Service Visit: 2021-12-26
Latitude: -67.383 S
Longitude: 138.731 E
Elevation: 1,560 meters
WMO ID: 89834

AWS Model: AWSCR1000

Station Records:
Max. Temp. (C) -2   1993-01-04
Min. Temp. (C) -48.7   1987-08-10
Max Wind (m/s) 33.5   1993-01-04
Max. Press. (mb) 842.2   2010-12-08
Min. Press. (mb) 756.3   2012-07-19

Notes: Station was named based on a distance formula relating the station to the coast. The station is named from the following formula, where all numbers' units are in kilometers, and x is the distance the station is from the coast. (x-40)*10+40=D-??, in this case, 47.