Automatic Weather Stations - 2022

Regions:Years: Antarctic Peninsula
Stations (2022):

Marambio Station AWS

Owner: Argentina
Site Code: MRB
Initial Start Date: 2021-12-20
Installed: 2021-12-20
Latitude: -64.233 S
Longitude: -56.633 W
Elevation: 0 meters

AWS Model:

Notes: From Ricardo Sanchez (Argentinian National Weather Service): The data are by agreement between Argentine Meteorological Weather Service & Finnish Meteorological Institute since 1988. Marambio Station (64°14′S 56°38′W). Vaisala Automatic weather station (AWS). Datalogger: QML201L. Humidity and temperature probe: HMP155D. Digital barometer: PTB220. Ultrasonic anemometer: Thies 2D (Germany). Mast heights: 8 mts. Data collection: minute average. The AWS mast sensors are installed in a clean open area, 800 mts away from the main buildings, without interference from objects. Marambio has been the main Argentine station in Antarctica since October 1969, located in Seymour/Marambio ice-free Island surrounded by the Weddell Sea, at 64°14S 56°38W; on the north-east side of the Antarctic Peninsula. During the last decades Is potentially of great significance to studies of the Ozone Hole phenomena because it is on the edge of the polar vortex. The average temperatures at the site are -1.5 °C during the summer, and -20 °C during winter, though strong winds can lower the apparent temperature down to 60 °C. In winter the station has an average of 50 crew members, but in summer the population of the base can grow to 150 for biological and geophysical research.