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Manuela AWS

Former Name: Inexpressible Island
Owner: UW AWS UW
Site Code: MLA
Initial Start Date: 1984-02-06
Info from Service Visit: 2013-12-16
Latitude: -74.946 S
Longitude: 163.687 E
Elevation: 78 meters
WMO ID: 89864

AWS Model: AWSCR1000
ARGOS ID: 8905
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2024 Archive (FTP): 3-hourly | 10-minute

Station Records:
Max. Temp. (C) 8.5   1987-01-17
Min. Temp. (C) -42.4   1992-09-01
Max Wind (m/s) 55   1987-01-17
Max. Press. (mb) 1021.1   2000-05-29
Min. Press. (mb) 934.4   1993-07-19

Notes: Station was named for Manuela Sievers, who was a prior employee of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Manuela was formerly known as Inexpressible Island.

7 February 2012
Field team: John Cassano, Alice DuVivier
Rigger: Dan Mahon
Helo pilot: Christopher Dean

Work performed:
- Remove old AWS, batteries, and tower
- Install new 7' tower and re-anchor
- Install CR1000 (id 8905) AWS, high wind system, and boom with T and RH
Note: The boom was oriented with the wind speed sensor pointing towards 350 degrees.
- Install 5-prong antenna
- Verify operation with CR1000 key pad and transmission with Argos receiver

Instrument heights were not measured.
The boom was at the top of the 7 foot tower.

Handheld GPS coordinates for the site were 74 deg 56.725 min S
and 163 deg 41.501 min E. Elevation 247 ft.