UW Automatic Weather Stations - 2013

Regions:Years: Ross Ice Shelf
Stations (2013):

Sabrina AWS

Owner: UW AWS UW
Site Code: SAB
Initial Start Date: 2009-02-02
Info from Service Visit: 2011-11-15
Latitude: -84.246629639 S
Longitude: -170.068198194 W
Elevation: 88 meters

AWS Model: AWSCR1000
ARGOS ID: 8915
2013 Archive (FTP): 3-hourly | 10-minute

Station Records:
Max. Temp. (C) 1.7   2010-01-10
Min. Temp. (C) -57.8   2009-09-02
Max Wind (m/s) 35.4   2010-01-10
Max. Press. (mb) 1011.5   2012-06-08
Min. Press. (mb) 924.2   2010-09-09

Notes: Sabrina is named after the daughter of AWS project PI John Cassano.

Full station replacement on 1-13-11 (approximate ground time 2.5 hours)

Team: Melissa and Jonathan
Pilots: Randy and Travis

We had good weather. About a 1.5 hour flight from CTAM.

Upon arriving at the station, the snow line was about a foot down from the top of the 5' tower section (from looking at the installation pictures of Sabrina, my guess is that there has been approximately a foot of accumulation since Feb 2009). We found north with the handheld GPS. The original install was pointed at approximately 320 deg (therefore a -40 deg correction should be applied to the previous wind direction measurements).

UNAVCO GPS was set out. Approximate times were 11:15-1:45 (very rough estimate).

We removed all of the instruments from the station. The original heights were as follows:

ADG: 29 cm
Wind: 266 cm
Lower temp: 90 cm
Upper temp: 266 cm
Enclosure: 110 cm
J-box: 82 cm
Solar panel: 168 cm

We added a 7' tower section and installed all new instruments (see list of heights below). Two additional batteries were added to the site. The enclosure number is 14635 and the Argos ID is 8915. The computer was plugged in and we received good data.

Final instrument heights:

ADG: 265 cm
Wind: 521 cm
Lower temp: 122 cm
Upper temp: 480 cm
J-box: 350 cm
Pyronometer: 287 cm HMP: 216 cm