UW Automatic Weather Stations - 1998

Regions:Years: Ross Ice Shelf
Stations (1998):

Schwerdtfeger AWS

Owner: UW AWS UW
Site Code: SWT
Initial Start Date: 1985-01-24
Info from Service Visit: 1993-01-22
Latitude: -79.9 S
Longitude: 169.97 E
Elevation: 60 meters
WMO ID: 89868

AWS Model: AWS2B
ARGOS ID: 8913
1998 Archive (FTP): 3-hourly | 10-minute

Station Records:
Max. Temp. (C) 6.2   2011-12-28
Min. Temp. (C) -63.1   2004-07-07
Max Wind (m/s) 27.4   2011-12-28
Max. Press. (mb) 1023.4   1999-06-17
Min. Press. (mb) 927.9   1994-03-27

Notes: Station was named for University of Wisconsin polar researcher Werner Schwerdtfeger.

31 January 2012
Field team: John Cassano, Alice DuVivier
Twin Otter crew: Mark and Derek
Morale: Trish and Mimi

Work performed:
Install two new battery boxes
Visual inspection of all instruments - all appeared in good condition
AWS did not need to be raised at this time

Instrument heights (all heights to bottom of instrument):
Jct. box: 35"
AWS enclosure: 48"
Solar panel: 74"
Boom: 152"

Handheld GPS coordinates for the site were 79 deg 50.203 min S and 170 deg 16.284 min E. This location is approximately 2.5 mi north northeast of the previous location (79 deg 52.5 min S, 170 deg 6.3 min E).