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More info about skua, and some pix of fog

In my last blog entry, at the end, I threw in a picture of a skua attack. I realize now that some people may not have known what I was talking about, so please allow me to explain.

Skua are seabirds (similar to seagulls) that live in Antarctica. Here’s a picture of one that I took (it’s probably the same one that attacked those two people):

A skua

They like to eat food that we humans eat. For this reason, the skua like to camp out near the Galley, where our cafeteria is, and wait for people to walk out of it carrying food. If the skua sees some food exposed, it will usually dive-bomb the person with the food in hopes of snatching a few morsels for itself. When I took that picture of the attack in action, it was around lunchtime and I was waiting for a shuttle to go to Scott Base. I had already seen one attack while waiting there, so I decided to keep my camera out in case another one happened. Sure enough, it did.

On an unrelated note, there was some cool fog this morning. Though I didn’t have my camera to capture the fog at its thickest, I was able to get a few shots of it on the hills. Enjoy:

Looking North

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