Data & Imagery

Antarctic Surface Observations
(Current surface weather conditions in the Antarctic, including from the AWS network)

Satellite Imagery and Composites
(Current Satellite imagery from polar orbiting satellites and satellite composites)

Upper-Air Observations
(Current Meteorological observations from weather balloons)

Models and Forecasts
(Model forecast guidance for the Antarctic region)

Data Fusion
(Overlays & combinations)

Aircraft Observations
(Current meteorological aircraft reports)

Satellite Navigation
(Expected tracks of polar orbiting satellites)

USAP Stations
(Historical surface observation database)

Iceberg Images (Current and past images)

Archived AWS Observations
(Archived surface weather conditions in the Antarcitc from the AWS network.)

Archived Satellite Composites
(Coming Soon!)

Atmospheric Motion Vectors
(Coming Soon!)

Field Camp Observations
(Meteorological observations collected from various field camps)

USAP Ship Observations
(Observations from USAP ships around Antarctica)

Archived Campaign Data
(Observations from meteorological Campaigns and Experiments)

(Year of Polar Prediciton - Southern Hemisphere and the Targeted Observing Period

AMRDC Repository
(hosts data collected by the AMRC and AWS projects, as well as campaign meteorological datasets deposited by other Antarctic investigators)

AWS Network
(A map of the Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) currently located in Antarctica)

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