Antarctica-An Individual Existence

Posted: 2010-11-16

The AMRC has had the pleasure of working with virtual artist, Glyph Graves, on his latest project: Antarctica-An Individual Existence (see link below).

AMRC provided data from nineteen stations in Antarctica, which was used to create a virtual world. In this virtual world, pieces of AWS data (temperature, wind speed, pressure, etc) have all been used to represent various aspects of Antarctica. Wind directions from these AWS stations are used to create the music, the various colors represent different temperatures, and the height of each disc in the virtual world is associated with the height of the station.

Glyph recently presented this project at the Cyberfest 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia and told AMRC that his Antarctic virtual world was well-received by fellow artists.

The final product can be viewed by clicking on the link below: