IUGG 25th General Assembly

Posted: 2010-12-07

The upcoming IUGG Meeting - to be held in Melbourne, Australia - consists of a session on mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology of the Arctic and Antarctic. Co-convenors include Tom Lachlan-Cope of the British Antarctic Survey and AMRC's own Principal Investigator, Matthew Lazzara. The following exceprt summarizes the session:


Mesoscale and Synoptic Scale Meteorology in the Arctic and Antarctic  (M12)
Organizers: IAMAS (ICPM)
Lead Convenor:  Tom Lachlan-Cope (ICPM)
Co-convenor: Matthew Lazzara (ICPM)

Modern mesoscale and synoptic scale meteorology has arrived to the Arctic and Antarctic.  Developments in the last decade have been seen in observing and numerical modelling in these remote portions of the Earth. This combination has lead to better understanding of polar atmospheric phenomena and improved weather forecasting capabilities. This symposium aims to bring together studies of both synoptic scale and mesoscale meteorological phenomena in the Arctic and Antarctic. Studies using in situ or remote sensing observations as well as numerical studies or a combination are encouraged in this session. Sample topics areas include studies of polar low systems, high wind events, including katabatic winds, significant weather events, storm-track studies and data syntheses from reanalysis. While we are interested in soliciting papers from the polar meteorological community, we welcome submissions from other disciplines.  Observational, modelling and process studies are welcome.


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