AMRC at Wisconsin State Fair

Posted: 2011-08-17

On August 10th, 2011 the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee hosted "UW-Madison Day". Groups from the university set up science exhibitions at the fair to display what kind of research we do. The AMRC brought a couple posters and some cold weather gear to show fair-goers what it would be like to head to Antarctica. Here are a few pictures of the AMRC team:!/ANTMET/status/101459079729393665/photo/1

(From left to right, Joey Snarski, Elena Willmot, Lee Welhouse, Dave Mikolajczyk)


Now, modeling some clothes:!/ANTMET/status/102171339992989696/photo/1

(From left to right, Joey Snarski, Elena Willmot, Dave Mikolajczyk, Lee Welhouse)


AMRC member, Joey Snarski, wearing all the clothes:!/UWMadison/status/101363812812328961/photo/1