DACA-13: A4.3: High Latitude Climate Change and Links with the Cryosphere

Posted: 2012-12-18

Dear Colleague:
As many of you are already aware, DACA-13 will be held in Davos, Switzerland July 8-12, 2013. I would like to draw your attention to session A4.3:  High Latitude Climate Change and Links with the Cryosphere.
Increasing evidence of climate change in high latitudes is seen in higher air temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula, decreased Arctic summer sea-ice minima, increased surface melt on the Greenland ice sheet, and a wealth of other anomalies. Yet the combined effects of anthropogenic forcing and natural variability modes are yielding different levels of response in the atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere components of the two polar climate systems.  This session will address how the meteorology and climate of the polar regions is responding to these changes, with a particular emphasis on linkages to the cryosphere.
We solicit observation-, theory- and model-based papers from the atmospheric, oceanic and cryospheric communities that address questions of high latitude climate change. Of particular interest is work that examines questions of decoding and predicting past and future surface melt behavior on polar ice sheets and ice shelves, e.g., recent melt events in Greenland.
See the conference web page (http://www.daca-13.org ) for abstract submission and full session (and symposium) details.
Important dates:
Deadline for abstracts without grant application: 31 January 2013
Acceptance information and draft program: 28 February 2013
Deadline early bird registration: 31 March 2013
Conveners:  David B. Reusch (dreusch@ees.nmt.edu), John Cassano, Christopher Karmosky, Matthew Lazzara, and Michiel van den Broeke