On the Ice

Lorne is up!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Masha Tsukernik and I am a new member of the team. Dave has left the ice before Christmas and I was supposed to get in on the 27th December. It has been unseasonably warm, so the runway melted a little earlier in the season then anticipated. A lot of flights got delayed, canceled, or postponed because of that.

Lee did manage to get some Helo time when he was here as a solo member of the AWS team and he visited a couple of sites. One in particular was giving him hard time, but we are happy to report Lorne is up and running now!

Since I got in so late I was only able to do the “happy camper” school on January 2-3. I am now officially happy and allowed to go to the field. Lee and I are now waiting for Twin Otters to get down to McMurdo. So far the last couple of days were really warm – no plane was able to take off from Pegasus. There is some hope to tomorrow – an LC-130 came down from Christchurch tonight and hopefully more planes will come and leave tomorrow as well.

Hoping to update soon,


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