On the Ice


Lee and I successfully made it to WAIS on January 9 (as scheduled). Our flight was just delayed a couple of hours, considering how the season has been going this is surprisingly on-time.

It was really exciting for me to go to “deep field” and see the camp life. Which is a lot different from McMurdo. For once, there is no Internet, hence I can’t post anything real-time. I have been writing notes on my laptop, so I will try to update you on everyone we have done at WAIS.

For the first couple of days we kept waiting for our cargo to come from Christchurch and good weather. We were primary for flights, but our sites (at least the ones we could go to without cargo) did not get good weather for the first few days.

<picture of Kominko-Slade>

While we were waiting for good weather at other sites, Lee and I snowmobiled to Kominko-Slade station and upgraded the operating system. The station did not need much, so we were back to the camp in no time.

<Lee updating the station>

In a week we learned that although the station is successfully transmitting, the ARGOs ID number is incorrect. So right after a big storm we visited the station again. Very lucky to not have to fly to this station to correct this minor error.

(I’m having issues with inserting figures, will update the post once I figure it out. Sorry about that!)

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