On the Ice


On Monday, January 21, Lee and I went to Erin.

The station had old set up and was not transmitting. We installed all new instruments on it and it is now up and running.

Erin was a first station I got to work on myself a lot. First I took off all the instruments off the tower (and did not kill anyone!). The weather was nice, but the wind was quite strong, making it really cold to work on the tower, especially off the ground.

I had a lot of learning to do, mainly on how to trust my harness and use it as a stabilizer, rather then have it on as a back up. Installing an aerovane was tricky since all the new pipes we got this season does not want to fit tower sections. At some point I had two aerovane pipes on top of the tower, trying to fit at least one on and I ended up dropping one down (on Lee, but luckily avoiding his head! so sorry, Lee!). Lee helped me install new instruments and we were done fairly soon.

(I am still having issues with inserting pictures here, I will try to resize and rotate them elsewhere and hopefully will be able to update the last several posts)

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