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The AWS team has redeployed!

The field season is over! The entire AWS team (myself, Lee, Elina, Forbes) have returned to the US… Elina, Forbes, and I left the ice on 5 February, while Lee left the ice on 7 February. Lee stayed an extra couple days to install the PCWS prototype at Willie Field and finish servicing our Willie Field AWS site. He also stayed longer to ensure that Cape Bird could get its Iridium modem installed. As it turns out, the four of us got to go to Cape Bird on Monday, 4 February, the night before the three of us left! It was a great “end” to the field season. But more on that later.

I will post one more blog post about our work out at WAIS (there are 3 more site visits I have yet to write about). After that, I’ll write a post about the rest of our work in McMurdo after Elina and I returned from WAIS. We all were very busy in the final couple weeks of the field season, which is what we were expecting and hoping for. That means we got a lot of work done!

For the time being, I’ll leave you all with a smattering of pictures.

The Twin Otter parked at Ramsey Glacier, a UNAVCO GPS site. 29 Jan 2019

The flagged route leading me and Forbes back to McMurdo from our visit to Windless Bight… Though we could have also just followed our outbound snowmobile tracks from earlier that day. 31 Jan 2019

Fata morgana on the horizon distorting buildings at Willie Airfield, viewed from the shuttle van on our way out to the airfield to fly to Tall Tower!. 25 Jan 2019

Lee climbed to the top of Tall Tower!! 25 Jan 2019

Adelie penguins at Cape Bird! 4 Feb 2019

Cheers! -Dave

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