The 13th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate 16-18 July, 2018 — Madison, WI

The 13th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate
The Pyle Center
Madison, WI, USA
16 July 2018 — 18 July 2018

Saturday July 14, 2018

1800-2200 Early Arrivals Dinner with Matthew Lazzara and family

Sunday July 15, 2018

1800-2200 Informal Icebreaker
The Terrace at Memorial Union (weather permitting) or Der Rathskeller

Monday July 16, 2018

0800-0900 Arrival and Registration
0900-0920 Opening Remarks, Introductions, and Logistics
Dr. Matthew A. Lazzara, UW-Madison and Madison College
Dr. W. Paul Menzel, UW-Madison
Dr. Todd Stebbins, Madison College
Automatic Weather Station Networks
Art Cayette
0920-0940 Antarctic Peninsula Automatic Weather Station Network 2017-18 Field Season Review (Abstract)
Mairi Simms, Steve Colwell, Dan Ryletts
British Antarctic Survey
0940-1000 The Installation of Antarctic Precipitation Systems During the 2017-18 Field Season and the Early Results (Abstract)
Mark W. Seefeldt and Scott D. Landolt
University of Colorado-Boulder
1000-1020 Wisconsin AWS Field Season 2017-2018 (Abstract)
David Mikolajczyk, Carol Costanza, Marian Mateling, Matthew Lazzara, Andy Kurth, and George Hademenos
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1020-1030 Future Wisonsin AWS Field Season 2018-2019 (Abstract)
Matthew Lazzara, Lee Welhouse, Dave Mikolajczyk, Mike Penn
University of Wisconsin Madison
1030-1050 BREAK
1050-1100 Presentation: IAMAS/ICPM Stipend Awards
Claudette Zweiffel and Matthew Lazzara
Madison College
1100-1120 The Madison Polar Climate and Weather Station (PCWS) Project: A Report to the Community (Abstract)
Matthew Lazzara and PCWS Team
Madison College
1120-1140 The JAWS Workflow to harmonize polar Automatic Weather Station data: Status and Early Results (Abstract)
Charles S. Zender, Wenshan Wang, and Ajay Saini
University of California-Irvine
1140-1200 AWS Additions and Modifications to Support Wind Alert Forecasting Application for McMurdo, Antarctica (Abstract)
B. Vandiver and R. Vehorn
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
1200-1330 LUNCH Recommendations and directions will be provided by organizers
Observing Antarctic Weather
Jordan Powers
1330-1350 Ross Island Region Wind Mesonet Proposal (Abstract)
Joey Snarski
1350-1410 Late Autumn Boundary Layer Observations in the Ross Sea from the PIPERS (Abstract)
John Cassano, Peter Guest, and Kelly Schick
University of Colorado-Boulder
1410-1430 Antarctic Extremes: Support for the Next Generation Polar Weather and Climate Station (Abstract)
Taylor Norton and Matthew Lazzara
Madison Area Technical College
1430-1450 Climate Update from the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research Project: Surface Air Temperature and Solar Radiation Trends (Abstract)
Maciej Obryk, Andrew Fountain, Peter T. Doran, Luke Winslow
Portland State University
1450-1510 BREAK
Weather Forecasting
Matthew Lazzara
1510-1530 Aviation Forecasting Past and Guture Performance Goals (Abstract)
Arthur Cayette and Chester Clogston
SPAWAR System Center Charleston
1530-1550 Medium-range temperature forecasting for South Pole (Abstract)
Michael Johnson
1550-1610 Maximum and Minimum Temperature Verification at McMurdo and Palmer Stations (Abstract)
Billy Tate
SPAWAR System Center Charleston
1610-1630 Australian Bureau of Meteorology Support for the Souther Ocean Clouds Radiation Aerosol Transport Experimential study (SOCRATES) - A Case Study in Science-To-Services (Abstract)
Scott Carpentier, Michelle Hollister, Matthew Thomas and Robert Schaap
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1630-1710 Breakout Sessions (Facilitators)
Topics: A. Automatic Weather Stations (Matthew Lazzara)
B. Observations aiding Numerical Modeling (John Cassano)
C. Observing aiding Forecasting/Logistics (Art Cayette)
D. Observing to support science/research (Dave Bromwich)
1710-1730 Report-back key conclusions/questions
1730 Dinner on your own
Recommendations and directions will be provided by organizers

Tuesday July 17, 2018

0800-0900 Arrival and Registration
0900-0910 Opening Remarks
Alex Isern
Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation
Antarctic Meteorological Data
David Bromwich
0910-0930 Current and planned activities of the SCAR expert group on operational meteorology in the Antarctic (OpMet) and the WMO panel of experts on polar and high mountains observations, research and services (EC-PHORS).(Abstract)
Steve Colwell
British Antarctic Survey
0930-0950 US Antarctic Program and WIGOS (Abstract)
Matthew Lazzara and US WIGOS team
University of Wisconsin-Madison
0950-1020 2018 Evaluation of Meteorological and Oceanographic Support for Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica and Operation DEEP FREEZE (Abstract)
Capt. Lauren Hogg
1020-1040 The Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center: A Proposal (Abstract)
Matthew Lazzara
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1040-1100 BREAK
Numerical Modeling
Steve Colwell
1100-1120 AMPS Update - July 2018 (Abstract)
Kevin W. Manning and Jordan G. Powers
1120-1140 Antarctic Clounds Simulated by Polar MRF and AMPS (Abstract)
David H. Bromwich, Keith M. Hines and Sheng-hung Wang
Ohio State University
1140-1200 A model-based study of foehn effect impacts on the near-surface climate over the Larsen ice shelf at the Antarctic Peninsula (Abstract)
Günther Heinemann, R. Zentek, and L. Knopp
University of Trier
1200-1330 LUNCH on your own
WAMC Committee Lunch Meeting
1330-1350 AMPS Contributions to the Year of Polar Prediction-Southern Hemisphere (YOPP-SH) Effort (Abstract)
Jordan G. Powers and Dave Bromwich
1350-1410 Year of Polar Prediction - Few months until the YOPP Southern Hemisphere (YOPP-SH) Special Observing Period Commences (Abstract)
Kirstin Werner, Dave Bromwich,Thomas Jung, Helge Goessling, Katharina Kirchhoff
International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction, Alfred Wegener Institute
1410-1510 BREAK & Poster Session
Improved reanalysis and prediction of atmospheric fields over the Southern Ocean by campaign-based radiosonde observations (Abstract)
Kazutoshi Sato, Jun Inoue, Simon Alexander, Greg McFarquhar, Akira Yamazaki
Kitami Institute of Technology
Using AWS and MERRA-2 data to estimate the climatology and impact of polar night foehn wind on Larsen C Ice Shelf (Abstract)
Matthew Laffin, Charles Zender
University of California, Irvine
1510-1610 Breakout Sessions (Facilitators)
Topics: A. The Antarctic Internet Data Distribution/Data Issues (Matthew Lazzara)
B. Antarctic Operational and Model Forecasting Discussion (Art Cayette/Jordan Powers)
C. SCAR Operational Meteorology Group and the planned Antarctic Regional Climate Center (Steve Colwell/Scott Carpentier)
1610-1630 Report-back key conclusions/questions
1730 Informal Group Dinner at Porta Bella Restaurant
425 N. Frances Street, Madison, WI 53715

Wednesday July 18, 2018

0800-0900 Arrival and Registration
0900-0910 Announcement of 14th WAMC in 2019
Weather Research
Scott Carpentier
0910-0930 Antarctic Warming Events in Winter Observed by Automatic Weather Stations: An Analysis of Extreme Temperature Increases (Abstract)
David E. Mikolajczyk, Linda M. Keller, Matthew A. Lazzara, and John J. Cassano
University of Wisconsin-Madison
0930-0950 Quantification and Analysis of Mechanisms for the Foehn Effect in the January 2016 West Antarctic melt event (Abstract)
Jerry (Xun) Zou, David H. Bromwich, Julien P. Nicolas, and Sheng-Hung Wang
Ohio State University
0950-1010 Antarctic Meteorology and Climate Research Activity of Korea Polar Research Institute (Abstract)
Seong-Joong Kim, Taejin Choi, Sang-Yoon Jun, Sang-Jong Park, Hataek Kwon, Joo-Hong Kim, Baek-Min Kim
1010-1030 Sixty Years of Widespread Warming in the Southern Mid- and High-Latitudes (1957-2016) (Abstract)
Megan E. Jones, David H. Bromwich, Julien Nicolas, and Jorge Carasco
Ohio State University
1030-1050 BREAK
Chair: Dave Mikolajczyk
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1050-1110 A satellite-based climatology of wind-induced surface temperature anomalies for the Antarctic (Abstract)
Günther Heinemann,L. Glaw
University of Trier
1110-1130 A Warming Greenland Ice Sheet: Temperature Uncertainties in Low (1.5C) and High (RCP 8.5) Warming Worlds (Abstract)
David B. Reusch
New Mexico Tech.
1130-1150 Foehn event triggered by an atmospheric river underlies record temperature Along continental Antarctica (Abstract)
Deniz Bozhurt
University of Chile
1200-1330 LUNCH
Recommendations and directions will be provided by organizers
1330-1530 Tour of Space Science and Engineering Center
Meet at the Pyle Center to walk over
1530-1730 Additional discussions on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate
Reconvene at the Pyle Center for those interested
1730 Dinner on your own
Recommendations and directions will be provided by organizers
End of Meeting

Thursday July 19, 2018

Year of Polar Prediction - Southern Hemisphere Meeting (Agenda)