Get to know the AWS and AMRC project members!

[Matthew Lazzara] Matthew Lazzara, principal investigator of the AWS and AMRC projects...

[George Weidner] George Weidner, co-investigator of the AWS project, has been here since 1981...

[Linda Keller] Linda Keller, a member of the AWS and AMRC projects...

[Lee Welhouse] Lee Welhouse, an instrument technician with the Space Science and Engineering Center...

[David Mikolajczyk] David Mikolajczyk, an instrument technician at the Space Science and Engineering Center...

Taylor Norton works as a student hourly Antarctic Atmospheric Research Assistant for AMRC

Sophie Orendorf is a student hourly working with the AMRC and joined the team in spring of 2018

AMRC and AWS Alumni

Jonas Asuma Micheal Savage Rob Holmes Jessica Staude Rob Doornbos
Matt Whittaker Michael Beles Greg Thompson Paul Hamill Bruce Sinkula
Rabindra Basnyat Manuela Sievers Hugh Slotten Jason Vandervest John Cassano
Charles Stearns Shelley Knuth Greg Vetter Nicole Schroeder Zach Uttech
DJ Rasmussen Sam Knapp Elena Willmot Scott Trevorrow Mark Seefeldt
Joey Snarski Nick Weber Jonathan Thom Katie Stockwell Marian Mateling
Joe Nettesheim Steven Fons Nick Vertz Jeremy Peterson Peter Voytovich
Carol Costanza