The 18th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate May 31 - June 2, 2023 — Madison, WI

The 18th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate
The Pyle Center
Madison, WI, USA
31 May 2023 — 2 June 2023

Wednesday May 31, 2023

0900-0905 Conference Logistics
Matthew Lazzara (in-person)
0905-0910 Welcome:
Brad Pierce, Director, Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), University of Wisconsin-Madison (in-person)
Session 1:
Automatic Weather Station Networks
Isabella Onsi
0915-0935 2022-2023 Field Season Overview (Abstract)(Presentation)
Taylor Norton (in-person)
0935-0955 Antarctic Peninsula Automatic Weather Station Network 2022-23 - Field Season Review (Abstract)(Presentation)
Jo Cole (virtual)
0955-1015 2023-2024 Future AWS Plans (Abstract)(Presentation)
Matthew Lazzara (in-person)
1015-1035 Reimagining the AWS -- lessons from astronomy in Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
Craig Kulesa (in-person)
1035-1055 An Overview of the YOPP-SH 2022 Winter Special Observing Period (Abstract)(Presentation)
David Bromwich (in-person)
1055-1115 Break (Posters available to view)
Discussion 1: AWS
1115-1215 Moderator - Matthew Lazzara
1215-1345 Lunch on your own
1345-1400 Group Picture
Session 2:
Research I
Ethan Koudelka
1400-1420 Strong Warming over the Antarctic Peninsula during Combined Atmospheric River and Foehn Events(Abstract)(Presentation)
Xun (Jerry) Zou (in-person)
1420-1440 On the Seasonal and Spatial Dependence of Extreme Warm Days in Antarctica(Abstract)
Min Xu (Virtual)
1440-1500 The Role of Atmospheric Rivers in Antarctic Sea Ice Variations (Abstract)(Presentation)
Kaixin Liang (virtual)
1500-1520 Break (Posters available to view)
1520-1540 SAT change at Relay Station in the interior East Antarctica during the last 30 years (Abstract)(Presentation)
Naoyuki Kurita (virtual)
1540-1600 Analysis of a Rain Event on January 2-3, 2022 at Syowa Station, Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
Naohiko Hirasawa (virtual)
1600-1620 Summer extreme-high temperatures, surface melt and atmospheric rivers in the Antarctic Peninsula linked to central tropical Pacific convection (Abstract)(Presentation)
Kyle Clem (in-person)

Thursday June 1, 2023

Session 3:
Data & Observations
Xun (Jerry) Zou
0900-0920 Sea ice and ABL parameterizations in the regional climate model "CCLM polar" (Abstract)(Presentation)
Guenther Heinemann (virtual)
0920-0940 Digitisation of early Antarctic Peninsula meteorological records for climate research(Abstract)(Presentation)
Steve Colwell (virtual)
0940-1000 Real time monitoring of observations by Regional WIGOS Centres (Abstract)
Luis Nunes (virtual)
1000-1020 WMO WIGOS working group observational data (Abstract)(Presentation)
Matthew Lazzara (in-person)
1020-1040 Break (Posters available to view)
1040-1100 AMRDC Repository 1.0 (Abstract)(Presentation)
Matthew Lazzara (in-person)
1100-1120 Scalable Antarctic Thermoelectric Generator for Harvesting Ocean Thermal Energy In-Situ for Free Floating or Ice-Tethered Antarctic Observation Buoys (Abstract)(Presentation)
Bobby Kovach (in-person)
1120-1140 Toward an Antarctic Radiation Regional Network (Abstract)(Presentation)
Claudia Frangipani (virtual)
Discussion 2: Data
1140-1240 Moderator - Joey Snarski
1240-1400 Lunch on your own
Session 4:
Research II
Taylor Norton
1400-1420 Exploring the Possible Connection Between Hut Point Peninsula's Terrain and a Moderate Northeast Wind Event at McMurdo, Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
Jeffrey Fournier (in-person)
1420-1440 Characterizing Precipitation and Accumulation Variability at Hercules Dome, Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
David B. Reusch (in-person)
1440-1500 Variability in Boundary Layer Stability Across Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
John Cassano (in-person)
1500-1520 Break (Posters available to view)
1520-1540 Cooling the coldest continent: The 4 December 2021 Total Solar Eclipse over Antarctica (Abstract)(Presentation)
Rene Garreaud (virtual)
1540-1600 Climate Change and Variability in the East Antarctic Icescape (Abstract)(Presentation)
Ryan Eagan (virtual)

Friday June 2, 2023

Session 5:
Research III
David Mikolajczyk
0900-0920 Small-scale temporal variability of surface winds in Adelie land (Abstract)(Presentation)
Cecile Davrinche (in-person)
0920-0940 Future Atmospheric Rivers in Antarctica: intensity and impacts (Abstract)
Leonard Barthelemy (virtual)
0940-1000 Observational Analysis of an Atmospheric River Impacting the Antarctic Peninsula During the Winter YOPP-SH Special Observing Period (Abstract)
Marianna Fontolan Litell (in-person)
1000-1020 Polar WRF Modeling of a May 2022 Atmospheric River Impact on the Antarctic Peninsula (Abstract)
Keith M. Hines (virtual)
1020-1035 A message from Art Cayette
1035-1045 Break
1045-1150 Formal Poster Session
1150-1320 Lunch on your own
Session 6:
Forecasting & Modeling
Karissa Shannon
1320-1340 Polar WRF Forecast Performance for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (Abstract)(Presentation)
David H Bromwich (in-person)
1340-1400 The AMPS Winter YOPP-SH Forecast Data Impact Study (Abstract)(Presentation)
Jordan Powers (in-person)
1400-1420 Improvements to NPP Operational Forecaster Training (Abstract)(Presentation)
Joey Snarski (in-person)
1420-1440 AMPS Update--2023 (Abstract)(Presentation)
Kevin W Manning (in-person)
1440-1500 Break
Discussion 3: Forecasting & Modeling
1500-1550 Moderator - Kevin Mannin
1550-1600 Closing Remarks