The 18th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate May 31 - June 2, 2023 — Madison, WI

Recordings and Posters from the Workshop's Presentations and Discussions

Wednesday May 31, 2023

Session 1: Automatic Weather Station Networks
Chaired by Isabella Onsi

Discussion: AWS
Chaired by Matthew Lazzara

Session 2: Research I
Chaired by Ethan Koudelka

Thursday June 1, 2023

Session 3: Data &Observations
Chaired by Xun (Jerry) Zou Discussion moderated by Joey Snarski

Session 4: Research II
Chaired by Taylor Norton

Friday June 2, 2023

Session 5: Research III
Chaired by David Mikolajczyk

Session 6: Forecasting & Modeling
Chaired by Karissa Shannon Discussion chaired by Kevin Manning

Poster Presentations

Ross Sea Polynya and wave erosion at the Ross Ice Shelf front
Nicolas B. Sartore

The Warming and Cooling within the Antarctic Climate: Marble Point Station(Poster)
Ethan Koudelka

Extreme Wind Event in the Black Island Region of Antarctica (Poster)
Isabella Onsi

Connecting Antarctica to the World: WMO's OSCAR/Surface metadata system and the Antarctic AWS network (Poster)
Anastasia Tomanek & Matthew Lazzara

Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Scalable Antarctic Thermoelectric Generator for Harvesting Ocean Thermal Energy to Generate Electricity During the Polar Night (Poster)
Bobby Kovach

Analysis of Tragic Summer Antarctic Storms Between 14 November - 2 December 2022 (Poster)
David Bromwich on behalf of Blake Murray

An Examination of Faulty Station Pressure Measurements within the Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Network (Poster)
Mercedes Hernandez-Natera & Matthew Lazzara