Antarctic Automatic Weather (AWS) Meeting 2005 - Program

Antarctic Automatic Weather (AWS) Meeting
Wednesday, June 8, 2005

09:00 am - Opening Remarks
                  Charles Stearns, SSEC/UW-Madison
                  Al Sutherland, NSF

09:15 am - AWS 2004-05 Overview    [Presentation]
                  George Weidner, SSEC/UW-Madison

09:30 am - Meteo-climatological Observatory    [Presentation]
                  Andrea Pellegrini, ENEA

09:45 am - ATS Weather Sensor Network    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Art Cayette, SPAWAR

10:00 am - Wisconsin Automatic Weather Station Servicing for Summer 2004/2005    [Abstract]
                  Steve Colwell, British Antarctic Survey

10:15 am - Break

10:45 am - Review of the 2004-05 AWS Field Season [Presentation]
                  Mark Seefeldt, University of Colorado

11:00 am - The Influence of Topographically Trapped Waves on the Ross Ice Shelf Air Stream    [Presentation]
                  Amanda Adams, University of Wisconsin-Madison

11:30 am - Lunch

12:45 pm - B-LINE to SPACE
                  Robert Redinger, National Scientific Balloon Facility

01:15 pm - The Meteorology of High NO Episodes Observed in the 2003 ANTCI Field Program and Relation to Past Experiments in 1998 and 2000    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  William Neff, NOAA

01:30 pm - Discussion of need for next field season.

02:30 pm - AWS Meeting Adjourned.

02:30 pm - Break

"Earth's Largest Icebergs" Annual Meeting

03:00 pm - 2004-05 Iceberg Status Report    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Shelley Knuth, SSEC/UW-Madison

03:30 pm - The Inverse Barometer Effect: Its impact on polar-region Sea-Surface Height Variability and the Great Icebergs    [Presentation]
                  Doug MacAyeal, University of Chicago

04:00 pm - Icebergs - Where are they going, and who's watching?    [Presentation]
                  Jonathan Thom, SSEC/UW-Madison

04:15 pm - WebCam Deployments on Icebergs    [Presentation]
                  Ronald Ross, Stanford University

04:30 pm - Aspects of the Dynamic Drift of Giant-Tabular Icebergs    [Presentation]
                  Young-Jin Kim, University of Chicago

04:45 pm - Iceberg Meeting Adjourned.

05:30 pm - AWS 25th Birthday Celebration - Cocktail Party

Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) Meeting
Thursday, June 9, 2005

08:45 am - AMRC 2004-05 Status Report    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Matthew Lazzara, SSEC/UW-Madison

09:15 am - Status of the SIO Arctic and Antarctic Research Center    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Dan Lubin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

09:30 am - ATS Weather Network    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Art Cayette, SPAWAR

09:45 am - McMurdo X-band Installation    [Presentation]
                  Andy Archer, Raytheon Polar Services

10:00 am - Antarctic Meteorological Satellite Status Report Update    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Matthew Lazzara, SSEC/UW-Madison

10:15 am - Break

10:30 am - Climatology and Variability of Mesoscale Cyclones in the Western Antarctic Peninsula Region    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Dan Lubin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

10:45 am - Simulating Antarctic Precipitation Variability in Recent Decades    [Abstract]
                  Andy Monaghan, Byrd Polar Research Center

11:00 am - Antarctic-IDD    [Abstract] [Presentation]
                  Matthew Lazzara, SSEC/UW-Madison

11:15 am - Antarctic-IDD Discussion

11:45 am - Lunch, including group lunch discussion on IDD

Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System Users' Workshop 2005

See AMPS schedule on previous page.

5:30 pm - Group Dinner

Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System Users' Workshop 2005
Friday, June 10, 2005

Schedule pending.

Poster Session
Ongoing throughout conference.

            "S-MAR Project: Actual OpMet and Scientific results".
                  Clai, G., P. F. Coppola, A. Pellegrini, ENEA

            "Investigating Antarctic Precipitation in the Ross Island Region from Various Observing Platforms".
                  Knuth, Shelley L., Gregory J. Tripoli, and Charles R. Stearns, SSEC/UW-Madison

            "Relative performance of self-organizing maps and principal component analysis in pattern extraction from synthetic climatological data".
                  Reusch, David B., Penn State University

            "Evaluation of Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS) Forecasts for Different Synoptic Weather Patterns".
                  Rodriguez-Manzanet, Luna and Cassano, John., University of Colorado.

            "25 Years of Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations".
                  Stearns, Charles R., Weidner, George W., Keller, Linda M., Thom, Jonathan E., Lazzara, Matthew A., and Knuth,                   Shelley L., SSEC-UW-Madison